hi everyone! its finally summer, and since i have more than enough free time, i thought i would make this to thank all of you and since i have reached another milestone ^^. i started this blog not too long and i have received so much love that i honestly, dont deserve. even with my sub par blog, editing skills and personality, people still follow and approach me, so i wanted to say thank you♡ without further ado, sehunq’s frist follow forever
(im very sorry for the awful gif ;; )

bold - mutuals
italics - senpais
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part I - friends (people who ive spoken to - more than once)

aishbaek  annyeongpabo  baekyuhns  ch-e-nyeol  etaornity  expresschenless  flowermaknae  homilks  itsokitslove  kaikims  kaiumi  kawaiikimkai  luhanshi  luuhaii  oppardose  ohfreakingsehuns  porkbaekcon  spencersnith  untaolerable  ummasuho  xieru  xiuhmin 

part II - pastel/scenery/color coding blogs (the death of me)

87yen airify baekingkai  baekiwi caffeign chnsoo  dewusional disappearance dyoffeine dyokoro dosexsoo electrail etheralis fandeuciflawlesszitao gongjjoo gyiyomii  hachhiko irukyu  jpgkai  jonqchan kaience kaiyomii kool-lay kyungsational luchn luhuun meeyono milktokki nakedchanyeol ohprincekim ozehun oxygenic pinksabers sehansoo sehetheral seoulcitydreams seoulmisfits  skyberrii soegogi soobender squishykyunggie sugas whitelegends wubulge xoyeollie  zhehun  zongren zxlo 

part III - exo/beast/infinite/bts/multi blogs (many hot boys)

antecebaek ayebaek baekhyunstinyass baeklings basorexoiabaekyeonnie beakhyuns beastloren  bxekhyuns bynbae byunbunnie chankyung chantoyeol cheerfuluhan chenisgay chennuine cheolyans cumbaek dancerjongin derp-gyu  derp-yeoll dickhan dimplylay dokyungs doliciousdopetite doresque  dyoyo-s esexoeveryday eteru  exoherent ffuckgyu  flowerprincesehun hexoxogon holykyungsoohypertone  jhoseokhope jongdaemort jongene  jooncherry joonmai kaiptivated kaishiteruwa kaisore kaiyomii kardashihun kimjongsnoonakiwisoo kiyeobi  kittenbaek kkamjongiinn kmexoplanet krisisbatman kristallized ky-ngsoo kyungmint kyunqdoo kyungsoocum luhanstesticles luhanverse luludeery lunhan meixun mellofly milkyeoll minseoxual minsoek momotao myjongdae oh-sehun oh-seshit ohreos ohxing  osehhun otbeasteu  pabohun park-dobii parkbaekyeol popped-in-exo royalsehun sebyun sedouche seheartless sehoon-s sehun8gfat sehunetc  sehuniversity sehunniez sehunshi sehwun sekaixinq ssunggyu  suhotness sushisaranghae taoazis taorible taoxun thoulgyu  tokki-nation  usu-han v-dyo watersuperho woofinite xingrens xiu-mine xiuministic xiutiepie yehetness  yoesob yoseobeu yoyoyeolie zhanq-yixinq zhexun zhonqrens

part IIII - anime blogs (binge watching everything)

-atlas airify gaulllimaufry haipyuu mackerel-pineapple mochiru



i’m just so worried about EXO rn,and i so bad for them just like you T.T

each of them is exhausted and on top of new injury along w old injuries.sometimes it amazes me how they can still go on tho inside they just want to pass out tbh

Tao just came back from the…


July 28th, 2014

I will just get straight to the point. It’s been a year since my last follow forever so here is another because today marks my tumblr’s 3rd birthday, yay~ I actually wanted to say it’s been a tough almost two months for me to be honest (for personal and obvious reasons) with feelings and emotions swaying back and forth. But I want to thank the followers that are still with me even after my whole break down and semi weeks break from tumblr and my lack of activeness on here. I don’t know what I can do to ever repay you guys but thank you so so much for putting up and staying here with me.

And I also want to thank these wonderful people I follow for being the reason why my dash is full of life. I couldn’t have asked for a better list to follow.

♚senpai | ★people i consider friends (a message for each of you) |  ❤tumblr crush (as of 5AM) | mutuals

A & B:

♚adorableprince | affx | ★aishbaek | anti-chanyeols | baek-me-a-cake | baek-yu | ♚baekaid-o | ★baekfinger | baekheun | ♚baekhyu-n | baekhyunimnida | ★baekyeolovingg | baekyun | ★baekzone ★baexyun banhsoo | ★barbaekque beautaeous | blackhyun | ♚blondejongin | ★bynbae | ★byunbaekku | ★byunbunnie byunhoney | ★byunhun

C, D, E, F, H, I, J & K:

★chanliette | ★chanyeolife | ★cheolyans | ★dimplay | doitlikethis123 | ❤doksoo | ★dumbaek | ❤★dyosoo dyossuo | eururongs | exo4lyfe |❤exorgy | ♚exolutely | fqzpocky | happyvirus | holykyungsoo | hyper-b | in-do-isle | jesseseo | jongins | k-suho | ❤kaisooshipper | kaisore | krystals | ★ky-ngsoo kyung-soo | kyungso | ♚kyungsol | kyungsujagi | kyunqdae | ★kyunqdoo

L, M, O, P, S, V, W, X & Y:

leejinkii | ♚leuhans | littleshinee | luhanimnida | ♚★lulubaek | ★marshcoco | ★milklu | ★missjongdae | mrluhan | ★obaek oh-luhans | ★parkbaekyeol | ★parkjongs | ★phuonguyenx3 | ★princekyunq | ♚★pup-and-potato sehun88 | shouhu-tianshi | soojng | suhito | ★v-dyo | ♚wooyoung | xehunf | ♚xehunter | ★xiupermodel | yeollovemebaek | yixingofficial | yixingology

 englishsnow | larmoyante | vacants | qiuyee | y-eppeuji | yeppeuns 

BIGGEST FANS (as of 5AM): 
accapellu foxiedenise | fratboyau | korellana

I do apologize for not being able to list everyone that I want to because I’ve been kind of lazy so I will kindly throw my blogroll here as well. And lastly but not least, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank baekzone personally for making me this graphic. It is absolutely wonderful and I love it very much. Thank you so so much Syiraa. ♡

Lᴀ Nᴏʙʟᴇssᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ Lᴀ Nᴏsᴇʙʟᴇᴇ

people describe him as human
but i describe him as perfection…


i think i wanna die… favourite facial expression ever /eyebrows