sehun - kolon sport fanmeeting


I have trust issues with everyone except kim jongin. He seems like a great guy. He’d feed ur cat while u went away. He’d make sure ur plants r healthy n parched. He’d call u up + say “hey i noticed ur fridge was buzzin a little bit so i unplugged it” + then hit u up w/ cold hard facts tht robots would most likely take over the world in the form of fridges. I trust this guy.

sekai on running man

jongin's hips don't lie

v-dyo asked: May i join your party hehe

and by party i mean sit here reblogging shit ton of pics, lmao.. but yeah lets! long weekend fyeaaah!!

Q: Pretty boy’s behind the story?

Taemin: I was supposed to do all the singing part and rap in ‘Pretty Boy’, but I thought Kai would match more to the rap part than me. And I wanted to do it with Kai. So I highly recommended Kai and pestered Kai to do it with me. But Kai positively joined and I’m really thankful.

Kai: Since I thought of our stage from long time ago, I readily agreed when Taemin suggested to sing with him. I thought that I could show both rap and smart performance since ‘Pretty Boy’ has beat in it. Taemin is a friend and a senior at the same time, so I tried to do my best not to harass him , and I could join with good mind as a friend too. (laughs)

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